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From ME to YOU

Dear mom, 

If you are thinking about becoming a mother know that you are already one and you will be doing the most important job of your life – creating, inspiring and nurturing your baby!  

You will be educating the next generation and your baby’s first class starts is your womb! 

But First, What This Book is NOT 

This book is not going to be one more peace of information about labor stages, how to become free of pain, or what you need to have if you are going to an hospital or have a home birth.  

This book will explain you how a mother’s journey starts with her baby inside, how her physical, emotional and mental environments can affect her baby - from conception to childbirth - and how you can balance your life and your pregnancy and feel connected with your body and your baby, while building a positive relationship with your child that will last forever.  

I assure you that this book is going to be the most important book you’ll ever read.  

Here is the exact information and methods that I used for myself after my first pregnancy, to transform my stress into calmness, my worries into trust and my confusion into confidence, giving a voice to my needs and my baby's needs.  

If these methods worked for me, they can certainly help you too.  

They have helped hundreds of struggling moms I’ve supported, restoring calm and peace to their lives.  

So with that said, let me show you…  

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this is different from every other “pregnancy and birth” book you’ve ever read. I jump straight into telling you why you are feeling unprepared and exactly what you can do to overcome stress and build a long lasting relashionship with your baby from the very first start...  

And it’s really easy to read.  

With 65 pages you can read it in an afternoon.  

 And, This Book Is About MORE Than Just Pregnancy  

What you get in this book is equally effective in all stages of your life, is about the power of love, bond, and connection.  

For example, one of my clients said she was feeling miserable because her work was taking all her energy and she was not feeling as if she was pregnant at all, so disconnected she felt from her new reality as a mom. After reading this information and working with me, she understood what she could do daily to be there for her baby and how to become aware of her own blocks and overcome misconceptions and fears. She talked about it with her husband and now she feels supported and that both are on the same exact page with regarding to what is most important for them right now.  

No more mixed messages, friends advice, unspoken fears or frustrations. They felt like a real family even before their baby was born…  

So here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…  

  • The real reason why women feel unprepared these days, and 3 simple and effective exercises you can start using right now to manage your stress and feel bonded with your baby. Page 45 
  • How to move beyond old patterns and blocks. Page 40 
  • The most important things we MUST learn about conscious pregnancy, birth and motherhood Page 20
  • Why are your thoughts and emotions generating your baby in the same way your body is. Page 15 
  • The true and valuable role of a father. Page 17 
  • Your womb is your baby's first class and this is where true bonding really begins Page 24 
  • How a stressful environment can affect your baby inside Page 27 
  • What is Motherhood all about Page 59 
  • The truth about the 4th Trimester and breastfeeding Pag 55  

You’re right...that is a ton of powerful information and tools. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. 

Mother and Baby Bond

The best part is that this approach is something I whish I knew before becoming a mother... 

Several years back,  

At the time of my first pregnancy I remember there were so many things happening, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and a lot of times I wasn’t even recognizing myself. I was still pretty much living my life as if I wasn’t pregnant at all. I had started in a new job so I was trying to prove myself, I was working on my career and I overworked. I felt so overwhelmed, I was stressed, but still trying to keep up with my rhythm and other people’s expectations, because I had always wanted to be a very independent woman.  

Deep inside I knew something had to change, and I did my first mistake, I did not listen to my inner voice and I did not reach for help. I refused to face my worries and fears, and heal my own blocks. At my own cost I learned how my emotional and mental patterns could influence my pregnancy, my baby and my motherhood experience.  

We all hold patterns that were passed to us down the line. I wish I paid more attention to how I was living my life back then, and understood that the responsibility of a mother extends beyond the physical bond and moves into the quality of what her mind experiences, her thoughts and emotions are.  

Because of what I lived, I was determined to explore further and gain more wisdom. I committed myself to look for clear and effective tools to help me manage my stress, start listening to my feelings and internal voice and feel more connected with my baby. So I have I adapted my teachings of 15 years of yoga breathing and relaxation techniches to pregnancy and birth, I researched on prenatal and perinatal psicology and health, and I became a prenatal educator. I wrote the book Yoga and Motherhood, and I started research what ancient cultures had to say.  

Suddenly I was feeling more grounded, calmer, relaxed and confident on my journey. Understanding how disconnect I was from my own femininity helped me to release physical and emotional tensions, overcome fears and misconceptions.  

Now I share what I learned with women around the world, I listen to their stories, I interview experts on the field and born from this experience I have created The Stress Free Pregnancy Program, to support and prepare all expecting mothers struggling to balance their life and their pregnancy and motherhood journey.  

This program assembles the support and information I wish me and all women had before we gave birth.