It's time for you to overcome your stress and anxiety!  

My 8 week Stress Free Pregnancy Program will help you to feel more Calm, Relaxed, and Prepared for your journey as a Mother.  

You are just a step away to change your motherhood experience!

A Group Program is a great way to get support and share your challenges and wins with our private community! 

Here's What You're Getting:  

  • A 8-week Group Program designed to help you feel prepared and confident for motherhood, overcoming your fears and concerns, preparing you for your challenges, helping you to create a positive and nurturing environment for your baby to grow even before birth and establish a relationship that will last forever.  
  • 8 Stress Free Pregnancy Live Classes every week in our private Facebook Group, if you can’t make it live you can always watch the replay. 
  • Six LIVE Calls with Susana where she will answer all your questions each week, with replay available.
  • Six weekly workbooks designed to bring new concepts, tools and techniques to prepare you for your motherhood experience and help you establish trust in yourself and your decisions.  
  • 4 New Webinars where Susana can invite guest specialist and address topics such as conscious conception and birth, breastfeeding, prenatal psychology and any other that moms in the group can choose.  


The group sessions will include: 

  • 8 Live Classes for 1 hour  
  • Deep understanding of your pregnancy journey, personal challenges and how to overcome them
  • Breathing exercises to help you manage your stress and anxiety from the time of conception to birth  
  • Personalized relaxations techniques 
  • Bonding techniques to help you connect with your baby  
  • How to fulfill your wishes
  • How to prepare yourself for the 4th Trimester, when your baby is in your arms. 
  • Selected resources 

Additional details about the course:  

  • Dates: The official start of the course is Friday, January 24th and the weekly lessons will be every Friday at 1:30PM ET // 6.30PM CET for the next 6 weeks.
  • Weekly Live Calls: Every week, Susana will host one live call to review the week's lesson and answer any questions (If you can't be there live, there will be a replay and you can submit your questions ahead of time to get them answered on the call.) 
  • Weekly Assignments: You'll receive homework each week to introduce you to the tools and prepare you for the upcoming coaching call. 
  • Susana Support: To help support you, you'll have unlimited access to Susana via email so you can ask questions, share success stories (i.e. celebrate) and get support as issues come up. 
  • Investment to change your pregnancy and motherhood experience: 2 payments of $195 or 1 payment of $395  


And I always offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  

Attend the first live call and if you don't feel the program is right for you, get a full refund, no questions asked.  

Yes, I want to sign in!
2-pay plan $195/month

Payment Plan: You have the option to set up a secure, monthly 2-payment plan via PayPal. Your first payment of $195 will be billed at the time of purchase. The 2nd payment of $195 will be automatically withdrawn from the card or account you provide, beginning 30 days after purchase. 

What Moms Have to Say!

A study with over 6000 pregnant women has showed that women that used bonding techniques during their pregnancy have experienced:  

Less anxiety and pain during labor, less effort giving birth and fewer complications Excessive baby crying was unknown with pregnancy bonding Babies were easy to communicate with, showed curiosity and emotional stability, Babies could sleep longer and deeper at night with few awakenings Postpartum depression was less than 1%  

On the other side, prenatal stress has been associated with the risk of a wide range of outcomes. These include both neurodevelopmental and physical problems, with the likes of anxiety, ADHD and lower cognitive development on one hand and diseases such as asthma on the other.  


Got questions?

Why is this program different from other courses? You will have a trusted and experienced expert to guide you, and I will be your loyal companion. Most courses prepare you for birth, different stages of birth and labor, pain relief, they even give you maternity kits but none explain to you how a mother's physical, emotional and mental environments can influence her womb and her baby experiences, perceptions and shape your baby’s life after childbirth. Here you will learn simple and effective tools to help you manage the stress and pressure of your daily life.  

I have never done a Group Program what is that? On our Live group calls, the group members listen and share, they can ask questions and network with each other while being mediated by an expert. If you can not be there live, you can always watch the replay and post your comment on this private community of women just like you. My goal is to develop your awareness, teach you bonding techniques and deep breath to help you from the time of conceiving a baby through pregnancy and labor, teach you how to relax and feel connected with your baby. 

Can I do it? You will learn breathing, relaxation and also bonding techniques, and this is just a way to train your awareness over your body, emotions, your baby and anyone can do it. I created simple and effective tools, and with practice, you will just get better. The benefits are undeniable, I wish I did this program before my pregnancy.  

Worksheets, I don't know I will have time to do that. Do not worry, most of the work is done in each session. The program is made to fit your needs, worksheets are practical exercises with guidelines from the work we did in each session.  

Can I buy the program and pay monthly? Yes, all my programs can be bought with a monthly payment plan, just choose the option that is best for you, and you will be billed each month.  

What if I join and find out the sessions are not for me? I always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Attend the first live call and if you don't feel the program is right for you, get a full refund, no questions asked.  

After The Stress Free Program I felt unprepared for motherhood, more stressed and less bonded with my baby - said no one ever!